Bracken Interiors is situated in Carryduff, near Belfast in Northern Ireland and has been manufacturing and selling window blinds, conservatory blinds and curtains for over 20 years in both the domestic and commercial market. At Bracken Interiors we believe that the Quality of Interiors in our living/working space directly affects our ability to enjoy life and perform in our various activities. We make our environment and it make us! The better the environment, the more positive effect it has on us.

Over the last two decades Bracken Interiors has developed a unique skill set in devising and delivering appropriate and tasteful solutions to the fit-out of Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Houses. Each situation requires a different level of understanding to ensure we address the special needs of each location.

Combinations of style, colour, technology etc. all add greatly to our ability to make each space appropriate and fit for purpose. In an Operating Theatre we need to sense the cleanliness and professionalism, in a Coffee Shop we need to be able to enjoy that well deserved break, be able to focus on the job at hand in our newly fitted out office etc.

At Bracken Interiors we live, breathe and deliver top quality interiors for every setting and we enjoy working with our clients and their architects in coming up with the best solutions.
Let us make a difference to your life by making a difference to your environment through the Quality of your Interiors.

Ronnie McClean

Ronnie McClean
Founder, Bracken Interiors