Electric Blinds

For all types of internal and external window systems. The blinds can be made as standalone units that simply plug into a local mains socket and can easily be controlled by a remote or wall switch or for bigger systems can be integrated into a home automation system. We work with well recognised and respected motorised blind companies such as Somfy, Silentgliss and Goelst to provide products made to measure, regardless of size and shape of window can provide a perfect solution.

We have installed a wide range of electric blinds to suit different applications and work with the developer/contractor to provide guidance on all wiring specifications and control systems to suit the individual project.

We also offer an extensive range of solar control fabric. The principle of this fabric is to reflect the maximum amount of solar rays from its white external surface and considerably reduce transmission to ensure optimum control of glare phenomena, thanks to its dark interior colour. The fabric comes in 3 opening settings 3%, 5% & 10%, the heat absorbed by the fabric is added to the heat transmitted.