Roman Blinds

The Roman blind is a sophisticated and distinctive alternative to traditional curtains. They are available in a large number of beautiful styles and fabrics and provide an elegant touch to any room.

Bracken Interiors would like to proudly introduce the revolutionary new Bracken Diffusion Roman Blinds – a premium collection of Roman blinds with no joins, no stitching and no pinholes.

Key features of the Bracken Diffusion Roman blinds are -

  • The Roman blind collection comprises exclusively wide width fabrics. This in turn allows blinds to be manufactured up to 2500mm wide x 2500mm drop with no joins.
  • As the lining is fused ¬†onto the back of the fabric, there is no stitching required anywhere, allowing the design to remain uninterrupted.
  • The blackout lining option is also fused, so there are no pin holes allowing light to permeate the room, which is a common complaint with standard Roman blinds.
  • Silver thermal lining is also available, providing extra warmth in winter and a cooler room in the summer months.